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Zoom Meeting Video call ah Video ka off rua a ti i a Secretary nu he Nuva sualnak an tuah – An tuah lio cu an hmuh viar hna

Zoom call an ngeih lio ah Philippines cozah i an bochan taktak mipa cu a secretary nu he nuva sualnak an tuah lio an hmuh caah a rian in phuah an timh. Cavite Province, Fatima Dos khuate ah Captain Jesus Estil cu zoom call an ngeih lio ah a camera off a philh i, a secretary nu he nuva si nak an hman. An cawlcangh ning cu staff vialte nih an hmuh dih.

Voi dang zongah zoom call meeting an tuah tawn i, vawi dang bantuk in August 26 ah call an ngei tthan. Cu lio ah cun a secretary nu cu thlalawngawng pawngah uluk ngaingai in a tthuat ko. Camera off a philh caah a mual pho bak ko.

DILG Barangay Affairs Summons anf complain Chief Richard Geromino nih Estil Nih a tuah mi thil hi a luan tuk caah zoh sawh ding a si lai lo tiah a chim.

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