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Biachahnak An Tuah Mike Adams nih, Situation Update

Biachahnak An Tuah Mike Adams nih. Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-Changing Intel Grants Trump New Pathways to Victory! – Mike Adams Mike Adam’s nih video in bia a chim, A hohmanh January 19,20 dai te in rak um u.

Nanmah le inn cioah, Lin Wood nih a theih I keimah zong nih katheih. Mitkuh thaw te in rak it ko u tiah Trumpdirkamhtu dihlah sinah bia caah hna. Thil aithleng ding a um a ti hna. Trump dirkamh tu pawl sinah bia cahnak a tuah. Joseph Thawng Z Ting

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