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BreakingNews: Hakha Ah Phone Chonh A Ngah Lo, Phone Line An Thah Cang Ee

BreakingNews: Hakha Phone Chonh A Ngah Lo. Regime cut telecommunication in Chin State’s Hakha (English Below). 2022 July 26 – Hakha phone chonh a ngah lo tiah kan theih. Ramchung le ramleng in Hakha ah phone an chawn kho lo tiah The Chinland Post sin ah thawng an rak kan pek.

Nihin zaanlei sang ah, Hakha khua kiangkap ah kahdohnak a chuah hnu in, Chin ramkulh khualeng ah a ummi, hmun dangdang in Hakha cu internet, mobile/phone line a pahnih in kan chonh i a ngah lo tiah an chim.

Yangon ah a ummi cheukhat nih, Hakha ah kan chungkhat kan chonh hna, mobile/landline tiah kan call i a ngah lo tiah July 26 zaan sml. 8 tluk ah The Chinland Post sin ah an chim.

English: Telecommunication cut in Hakha. 2022 July 26 — The regime cut telecommunication in Chin State capital’s Hakha after one-hour-long fighting between the regime troops and local resistance forces broke out in the evening on July 26, according to residents outside Hakha who tried to reach families and friends in the town.

According to people in Yangon and other places who tried to call family in Hakha town, Hakha connection is cut, and they were unable to reach via both the internet or regular phone calls including mobile and landline telephones since around 8 pm. Credit: The Chinland Post

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