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Congratulations : Tial Cung Thang Nih Tha Lo Bak In Paul Lumihi Cu A Thuat Ko – Video

February ni 5 zan, Singapore ih tuahmi “One Championship” sualawknak ah Indonesian mi, “The Great King” tiih theih larmi, Paul Lumihi cu “The Dragon Leg” tiih theihmi Ṭial Cung Thang in TKO in nehnak a co.

Round 2 nak minute 2:25 ah referee in an sualawknak cawl tirin TKO in Salai Ṭial Cung Thang cun a vei 4 nak nehnak a co. Tu ih a record cu 4-0-0 a si! Congratulations Salai Ṭial Cung Thang! Chin TV International

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