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Donald Trump Nih White House A Chuah Hnu In Mipi Caah Thil Ropui Taktak A Tuah Than

US President hlun Pu Trump nih cun White House a chuah tak hnu in ni 5 hnu ah a mah um nak Florida state ah “The Office of Donald J Trump” tiah mikhenh in Office lian taktak a ser in hunnak a si lo ah awn nak a tuah cawlh tiah theh a Office a sermi ah cun mah ti hi Ca a tar langh”The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism,President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American “tiah a tar.

Cun,Pu Trump nih White House a chuah tak le cangka in statement a chuah hmaisa bik mi ah a chim mi cu Donald J Trump cu zei tik can hmanh ah America ram le mipi caah timhcia ka si i,ram caah biakamhnak le biachahnak ka tuah cia bangin ram le mipi caah hman khawh mi le chor khawh mi ka si zungzal lai,ram humhim tu ka si zungzal lai tiah Trup nih a chim.

Trump nih Office a awn mi office logo ah Great Seal of the United States he an i khat ngaingai.Wall Street Journal journalist Rebecca Ballhaus nih a chim nak ah cun Pitar Nancy le House of Representatives pawl hna nih Trump sualnak an kawl cuahmah karlak ah Trump nih cun ram le mipi caah thil t’ha taktak a tuah.Trump nih hi thil a tuah mi nih hin second impeachment kong i Senate ah biachahnak an tuah mi khi tampi a sersiam lai tiah ruah a si a ti.

Cun,US president in ai din mi vialte hna cu President an rak t’uan man kum khat ah $96,000 allowance an pek dih hna.Barack Obama’s office downtown Washington D.C., George W. Bush’s Dallas, Texas, Bill Clinton’s , Clinton Foundation midtown Manhattan, & Jimmy Carter’s the Carter Center Atlanta, Georgia hna cu sunglawi taktak in hmunhma tiang in pek dih an si na in Trump belte cu hi thil hi a tinco le tinco lo ding zei hmanh a fiang rih loh.

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