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Good News Bak Si : President Biden Nih Avoi Thumnak Stimulus Check Pek A Timh

President Biden nih Avoi thumnak stimulus check pek a timhmi hi income tlawm deuhmi pawl nih ngah dawh a si. Ahodah a qualify lai timi a dikdiar in hngalh khawh a si rih lo. Avoi khatnak le avoi hnihnak pek lio ahcun 2019 kum khat chung income ngahmi in tuak piak a si 2020 chungah minung tampi cu kan status a thleng.

Rian ngeih lo ruangah, rian dinhter ruangah kan income a tlawm deuh kho. Asiloah fa ngei thar le nupi va ngei thar zong um khawh a si caah a rannak in tax file tuah ah a tha. Stimulus Check an pek hlan ah 2020 kum tax file tuah khawh ah a tha bik. 2020 chung i na income a tlawm deuh ahcun stimulus check ngahnak dingah lam tam deuh na ngei lai. A hnu bik tax na file mi tuak chih in stimulus check pek a si lai.

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