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Hakha Ah le Ralkap Nih Tlaihmi A Dang Minung Pathum An Tlaihchap Mi an Um, Chungkhar Nih Pehtlaihnak An Ngei Kho Lo

Hakha ah Ralkap nih Tlaihmi a Dang Minung Pathum an Um Rih
February 10 zaan ah Chin ramkulh Election Commission rianttuantu hruaitu upa deuh pawl ralkap nih an tlaih dih hna.

A tanglei minung pathum hi Hakha District Election Commission Secretary Daw Cho Khaing Oo, Hakha District Election Commission Chairman Pu Lian Hei le Chin ramkulh Election Commission Secretary U Lin Kyaw an si.

Annih zong hi Rungtlang ah ralkap nih an kalpi ve hna.

Nizan ah Hakha le Thantlang ah a ummi Election Commission hruaitu upa minung 8 tlaih an tong. Chungkhar nih atu tiang an pehtlai kho hna lo.

Credit. The Chin Journal

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