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Kawl Ralkap Nih Indonesia Le Thailand PR System Bantuk In An Kan Hruai Taaktak Ah Cun An Nawlngaihnak A Nung Zungzal Cang Lai

By.Dr. Sui Hingz, CDM is our hope! A Tu CDM lawng hin kan lam aum. Atu CDM in ralkap kan tei a hau. Cu lo ahcun PR system in an kan kalpi lai i anmah ralkap power a nung zungzal cang lai. Kawlram cu Indonesia le Thailand PR system bantuk hman dawh a lo i Thailand system a hman ahcun kan hnu 2020 i Thimnak ah NLD nih seat 400 hrawng a tei hman ah PR system ahcun an duhmi President ah an thim kho ti lai lo.

Zei caah ah tiah Thai i PR system ah seat 750 chung ah 250 hi ralkap minung an si. A tangmi seat 500 chung ah 350 hi FPTP in thim a si i a tangmi 150 hi PR sytem in an thim tik ah 50.01 percent si ding ah seat 376 an hmuh a hau caah zei party hmanh nih 376 an hmuh kho lo caah ralkapzik Prayuth Chan-o-cha lawng hi PM si nak lam a um.

Cu bantuk in Kawlram zong PR sytem in a si ahcun ralkap nih an kan uk zungzal lai ralkap lawng hi zungzal an hmun lai caah atu CDM lawng hi kan lam a um.Thimnak (general election) ah PR system hi atu FPTP (First past the Post) he a dangnak cu FPTP ahcun teitu nih MP thutden co cawl a si (winner-take-all). PR ahcun tahchunhnak ah Constituency- vote kuang hunnak hmun – ah minung pa 5 an i zuam ah A,B,C,D,E, he si hna seh law vote 100 a um hei ti usih law, 33 vote ah tling a si ahcun

MP pa 2 thim ding siseh law B nih 36 a ngah, A 23, C 19, D 12, E 10, hei siseh law a niambik kha an hlawh lai i a vote 10 kha an tinkhan (ratio) in ACD nih an i phawh lai, B chung in a hleimi pa 3 kha A le C an phaw lai, cun D chung in vote 12 kha A le C nih an khan cio in an i phaw lai i a ‘A’ maw ‘C’ a tling ve lai. Cu pin ah Germany bantuk a si ahcun vote voi 2 thlah a si lai i pakhatnak ah minung pahnihnak ah party a si lai, check and balance um ding buaktlak ding ah. Atu CDM lawng hi kan lam a um. CDM is our only hope Credit: CMpage

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