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Kawlram Ummi Poahpoah Ral A Tho Cang Lai Kawlram Mipi Hna Ready In Um Cang

Kawlram ummi poahpoah Ral a tho cang lai kawlram Kawlram ummi Unau,cinla Rualchan, Unau kan Rammi le kawlram mi kawlram um poahpoah Ready in um ve cang uhlaw,Ralkap hi hnu kir loin Ral thawhter an I timh cang,Raldoh nak a chuak cang Tlangcung hriamtlaih mi pawl he a kaakip hmunhma poah ah ,Ralkap cu Raldoh dingah

Kum 7-10 in ready timhtuahnak ngeihcia mi an si caah, Sandahpiahtu pawl zong I ralring uh,hmunhma a hram chungmuru lei lut an I timh cang kha ,I ralring cang uh..Ralkap cu ready in Raldoh ding le ralthawhter dingah an I ready tuk cang..Hnu kir an I timh lo Raldoh ding lam tuin an kawl.Credit: Anna Suihleisung Zaathang

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