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R.I.P : Apoi Tuk E Hringhran E Pu Chum Ling Le A Fanu Nih Accident Nak In A Kan Liam Tak E (+Video)

Kan vawlei cung hi cu a poi hringhran ko mu. nihin ah Accident nak a tong mi Pu Chum Ling te Pafa an ruak cu an Accident nak hmun in an lak hnu ah mipi nih an pafa ruak cungah an ttah lio hna zoh hna ah hin celh ding an si lo e, ngeih a chia in lung a fak tuk hringhran ko mu. A tanglei ah video kan van chiah chih.

2021 January 30, Thantlang lei (Tlangpi in a rak i thawh mi) Parado motor in a rak i thawh mi Pu Chum Ling (Tlangpi) motor aa let. “A fanu le Pu Chum Ling cu January 30 zaanlei suimilaam 2:30 tluk, Hakha in meng 4 hrawng hlatnak, Timit cho ah aa let i an thi,” tiah Health Volunteers Group in tuanvo ngeitu Pu Chan Hrem nih The Hakha Times ah a chim.

Pu Chum Ling motor hi kan hnuleite zong ah Thantlang Pu Thang Hrim Sia zuatnak pawng ah a motor aa let i minung 2 an rak thi bal. Aa hliam mi zong an rak um. the hakha times

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