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Tanaing ah ralhrang phu motor pakhat KIA nih bomb in an puah

Tanaing khua in a chuak mi thilphor lemcang motor in ralhrang phu motor pakhat cu KIA nih bomb in an puah an motor a rawh lengah ralhrang tampi an thi

Kachin ramkulh Tanaing khua in Tayung khualei ah kalmi thilphor lemcang ralhrang minung 30 hrawng phortu motor cu Kachin ralkap nih nihin September 16 chun suimilam 12:00 hrawngah bomb puah hnawh in an doh hna caah ralhrang motor cu a rawh lengah motor cungah a ummi ralhrang hna zong an thi lai tiah Kachin thawngzamhnak nih a langhter.

“A tu bomb puah in hrawh a si mi motor cu nihin zinglei ah Tanaing lei kal mi motor a si, cu motor chung ah cun ralhrang minung 30 leng hrawng an i tel lai. KIA nih an theih hna caah bomb puahhnawh in an doh hi a si, motor cu a rawk ngai. A chung ah a ummi ralhrang hna zong hliamtuar le a thi mi um khawh an si, thil sining fianghlang in theih a si rih lo” tiah khuami pakhat nih a chim.

KIA nih bomb puah hnawh in an doh h a hnu ah, ralhrang phu hna nih cuka hmun pawnghrawng ah hriamngan le hriamhme hmang in an duhnak hmun poah an kah tiah theih a si.

Tayung khua ah ralhrang phu minung 200 hrawng nih umhmun an khuar, kahdohnak tuah lo ding in khuachung um biaknak lei hruaitu hna sinin KIA sin ah thawngthanh ter an si tiah Kachin thawngzamh nak nih a langhter. Credit: The Chin Post

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