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Tih Nung Bak Cang : Phan Ding Zeihmanh Um Ti Lo Hih Pu Tial Cung Thang Cu Bruce Lee He An I Dang Ti Lo

February 5 ah Laipa cakei Tial Cung Thang ai thua than cang lai. Indonesia pa Paul Lumihi he an si lai. Paul hi Indonesia ram chung i thuatnak ah cun a minthang ngaimi a si. Nain, One Championship ah cun voi 3 ai thua cang i voi 3 ning tein a sung. Atu hi training biatak tein a tuah than caah tihnung ngai than dawh a si.

Tial Cung Thang cu One Championship ah voi 2 ai thua cang i voi 2 ning tein teinak a hmu. 2020 kum chung ah biatak tein training a tuah lengmang i a body zong Bruce Lee tluk in a ttongh cang. Tutan cu knockout in teinak hmu hram seh.Credit: Salai Lungthli Tum

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