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Uar Um Bak : Dr Sasa Nih Mipi 23 An Thih Nak Ruangah International Lawyer Sin Ah Thong A Thanh Cawlh Cang Hna

Nihin February 28, 2021 cu Ralkap nih hramhram in mipi uknak an chuhnak in thlakhat a tlin ni bak asi. Ram mipi dihlak zong zalam cung ah an chuak hna i Ralkap duh lonak faktuk in an langhter chin ve. Nihin in cun Sandah piahnak zong thlakhat deng a hun si ve cang nain, ram mipi nih lungtthur lo tein pehzulh in Ralkap uknak thlak khawhnak ding ah an i zuam cuahmah.

Nihin Sandah piahnak ah Kawl ralkap le Police nih faktuk in mipi an phomh cang hna. Meithal in an kah hna, mithli tlaknak bomb in an kah hna, fung in an tuk hna i an velh hna, Sahrang bantuk in an dawi hna. Cu ahcun a tlawmbik minung 23 an nunnak a liam. Hliamtuar le a nunnak caah tihnung dirhmun tiang in fahnak a tuar mi an um len rih.

Nihin thilcang kong, suimilam 5 chung lawng ah ram mipi nih Dr. Sasa cu email 12,038 an kuat. Ralkap nih an thah mi hna minung min, hmanthlak, thil a cannak hmun ti bantuk in tling tein an kuat i sumilam 5 chung lawng ah Email 12,038 a phan manh.

Hi vialte hi Dr. Sasa nih International Upadi lei mifim, Biaceih bawi hna sin ah ka kuat lai, ka kuat colh lai tiah a chim cang. International Biaceih zung pi ah Kawl ralkap taza cuai hna ding in aa tim cuahmah cang. Ram mipi kan thachia hlah seh, teinak kan hmuh dengmang cang. A taang hi Dr. Sasa nih Mirang in atial mi asi.

12,038 emails will be hand over into the hands of International law professors and international lawyers. Within the last 5 hours I have received 12,038 emails containing serious human rights abuses and violations committed by illegitimate military regime of Myanmar. I am handing over all of these 12,038 emails into the hands of international lawyers and international law professor for them to review.

We will bring these perpetrators the brutal illegal military regime into justice for the crimes they have committed against humanity. Please keep sending me all these evidence of abuses and violations against the people of Myanmar. I am here for you my beloved courageous people. Note: Hi thawngpang hi February 28, 2021 (Thla dongh Ni) ah tial mi asi. Nihin timi biafang khi February 28 a sawh duh mi asi.

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