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US Um Mi Caah Thawngpang Tha Taktak Bawmhnak A Um Than

Avoi Thumnak Stimulus Check
President Joe Biden nih Coronavirus ruangah harnak a tongmi hna caah bawmhnak, $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package cu tuchun ah senate ah vote an thlak, democrats le Republican nih vote 50 veve an thlak caah an i tluk, cucaah Vice President Harris vote in vote khat nih a tei caah an fehter. House ah an kalpi than lai i, house nih an cohlan hnu ah President Biden nih minthut lai i fehter a si lai.

President Joe Biden nih US sipuazi chanhchuahnak caah $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package chungah hin minung pakhat nih US$ 1400 ngah dingmi stimulus chek a tel, rian ngei lomi hna caah zarh khat ah $400 ngah dingmi a tel, vaccination centers le Covid-19 testing caah $130 billion a tel, schools on thannnak ca le safety caah $15 billion, small business grants; caah $350 billion le State emergency funding, local le territorial governments, federal minimum wage timi suimilam pakhat ah $15 per hour (atu lio federal minimum wage cu sumilam pakhat ah $7.25 ); reinstating paid sick leave, child care tax credit caah $15 billion, states subsidize child care for low-income families caah $25 billion fund pek a si lai.

Tutan avoi thumnak stimulus check a ngah dingmi hi zeibantuk income in an tuak lai timi a fiang thlu rih lo. Asinain an timhtuah ning in cun minung pakhat lawng a simi caah cun kum khat ah $50000 cung a ngahmi a si lai lo. Nuva an si ahcun kum khat ah $100000 cung a ngahmi an si lai lo ti a si. Cucaah Laimi tam deuh cu kan fel, rian kan tuan, kan tha thu lo, caah tutan democrats pawl nih pekmi bawmhnak cu ngah dawh kan si ti lai lo tiah ka ruah. Salai Lairamthang

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